No Power Requirements

No Failing Pumps, Control Boards, Aerators or Blowers. (Minimum of $1000)

No Noise

All Natural Process

AES uses an all-natural, environmentally sound process to treat your effluent to the highest level of safety. This minimises any risk of health issues to you and concerns about groundwater contamination. 

With AES there are no chemicals, no overflows, no worries.

Highest Quality

Have confidence in the quality of treatment – 10x better than the NZ Standard for secondary wastewater treatment when tested at NZ OSET-NTP research facility.
The AES system performed to the highest levels under all conditions.The 20 year warranty on components is the best in the industry. AES components are strong, durable and won’t deteriorate over time.

Council Compliance

The AES wastewater treatment system meets the secondary effluent quality requirements of AS/NZS1547:2012.
AES complies with the requirements of most NZ Councils.

AES is designed and manufactured in the USA to high quality assurance levels.

Fit & Forget

NO Home Owner intervention required.
No need to think about it, worry about it.
No inspections

Save money

A quality, low-cost wastewater treatment system with durable components that have a 20-year guarantee. No ongoing costs! No quarterly or half-yearly inspections or servicing, no maintenance costs or pumps to replace. Nothing to break down.


AES is a cost-effective system in comparison to a standard, pump operated secondary treatment system. The project was 15-25% cheaper than if we went with a standard disposal system. It meets high environmental standards for disposal of wastewater, meets regulatory requirements and provides quality and safe accommodation for Department staff and their families. The rising and falling of the effluent inside the pipe enhanced bacterial activity where no other wastewater system offered this functionality. It removes weak points in the system and reduces issues for residents in remote locations.


We were looking for a system with no pumps or ongoing costs, which was simple and straight-forward.  We didn’t want to keep paying for electricity, pumps breaking down etc and having the system checked by so-called professionals every six months.  AES ticked all the boxes.

Dick and Hazel were awesome going the distance dealing with council consents and answering their questions, educating our drainlayer to get him certified to install it.  And the cost of this system was very reasonable. I tell everyone I know how great it is.  Thank you so much.


We have gone for something state of the art that will work for a long time, it is a great concept.

There are lots of different systems out there but the reason we have gone with for the Advanced Enviro-Septic system is that you can put it under a hard surface and utilise every bit of land you have got.  With the old sand filtration system you had to isolate a whole area and you lost a lot of available space.


The AES wastewater system at our holiday home has been working well and there has been no obvious problems that other systems have. The benefit of having no mechanical functions with the secondary chamber to the disposal field was an obvious choice for us to go with this system.  There are no pumps to break down or maintain. The economics of its installation costs, its daily running simplicity and no future maintenance makes this system an appealing option for wastewater treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending it.