Don Moir, Ralph Moir & Associates, Southland

“I have been designing wastewater systems in Southland since 1978 and I have to say that the AES system is quite simply the best solution that I have come across in all that time.  My clients love it because it is maintenance-free with no pumps or filters.  The AES system provides secondary treatment to an extremely high level so it’s very kind to the environment also.  The feedback I have had from Drain Layers has been positive and they find it very simple to install with very thorough manuals provided by the supplier.”

Andy Rae, Plumber/Drainlayer, Homeowner Marahau

Environment Technology have installed an AES waste water and sewer system at our holiday home in Newhaven Cres, Marahau.

It has been working well and although not fully tested due to infrequent occupancy (no longer than 4-5 night stay )  there has been no obvious problems occurring that other systems incorporate.

The benefit of having no mechanical functions with the secondary chamber to the disposal field was an obvious choice for us to go with this system.   There are no pumps to break down or maintain giving this system a great recommendation for home owners.

The economics of its installation costs its daily running simplicity and future maintenance makes this system an appealing option for waste water treatment.

I have no hesitation in recommending it.

*     *     *

Chris White-Johnson, owner Greenwood Park Holiday Park:

We have gone for something state of the art that will work for a long time, it is a great concept.

There are lots of different systems out there but the reason we have gone with for the Advanced Enviro-Septic system is that you can put it under a hard surface and utilise every bit of land you have got.  The old sand filtration system you had to isolate a whole area and you lost a lot of available space.

*     *     *

Steve & Julia Murray, Homeowners, Blenheim:

We purchased an AES wastewater system:  We were looking for a system with no pumps or ongoing costs, which was simple and straight-forward.  We didn’t want to keep paying for electricity, pumps breaking down etc and having the system checked by so-called professionals every six months.  AES ticked all the boxes.

Dick and Hazel were awesome going the distance dealing with council consents and answering their questions, educating our drainlayer to get him certified to install it.  They made things progress ‘like a walk in the park’.  Last but not least, the cost of this system was very reasonable and should we build again we would not hesitate in purchasing another one of these systems.  I tell everyone I know how great it is.  Thank you so much Dick and Hazel.

*     *     *

Will Bamford, Department of Conservation

It is a cost-effective system in comparison to a standard pump operated secondary treatment system.  The [Kaitawa Houses] project has a cost of around $200,000 which is 15-25% cheaper than if we went with a standard disposal system.

The new system meets high environmental standards for disposal of wastewater, meets regulatory requirements and provides quality and safe accommodation for Department staff and their families.

The options were a communal wastewater disposal system, or individual septic tanks for each title, but we went with the latter as it was more cost-effective.

Mr Bamford said the rising and falling of the effluent inside the pipe enhanced bacterial activity where no other wastewater system offered this functionality.  “It removes weak points in the system and reduces issues for residents in remote locations”.

Petrina Brenchley, Waikaremoana Holiday Park Manager

The most important feature of the new system was that it required little maintenance and no power supply to function.

*     *     *

Paul & Katey Salmond, Homeowners Carterton

Carterton Council had specified a secondary treatment septic tank for our lifestyle block because our neighbours’ have bores for their drinking water. I had read a lot about the issues that people have with pump driven secondary treatment plants, including high power use, the need for six monthly checks and issues with pump failure etc so I was looking for a simple alternative that would just do the job with no fuss. I found the AES website and the system was what I was looking for- no moving parts, no electricity or inspections required and effective treatment.
I was worried that the council would balk at the fact that this is a comparatively new system (ours was the first one they’d seen) however they were satisfied with the information and datasheets supplied by Environment Technology and gave us the go-ahead. The complete setup with septic tank, filtration sand and installation worked out a fraction cheaper than a standard, pump based system but will save us up to thousand dollars a year in electricity, service checks and pump replacements. We have had our AES secondary treatment system installed for a year without any issues so far.

Many thanks AES!