Grand Designs House Motueka

A new house build called the Black Pavillion House near Motueka, Nelson with a raised bed AES wastewater system featured on Grand Designs NZ Tues 17th October.

Grand Designs Motueka House

The property is adjacent to an inlet where tidal water rises within 5m of the northern boundary on spring tides. Combined with a high water table this requires the AES pipes to be installed in a raised bed to provide 0.6m vertical separation to the water table. Pipework suspended under the building subfloor connects to the septic tank which is also partially raised allowing effluent to gravity flow to the AES bed to achieve the required secondary treatment quality.

Grand Designs House with Raised Bed

The wastewater system design was for a four bedroom house treating 1400 l/day. The photo above shows the AES bed prior to covering with topsoil and planting with coastal shrubs. The job was designed by Gary Stevens and installed by Fusion Plumbing. The homeowners are looking forward to the ongoing low-cost performance of their AES system.

When high groundwater is a design factor, a passive AES septic system can often be achieved by mounding up the ground around the septic tank and bed, and suspending drainage pipework to conserve elevation.

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