Price Request

To enable us to provide you with an indicative price to install an AES wastewater treatment system on your site, please provide as much of the information to the following questions as you can. A specific AES system will depend on site conditions, usage and location. More detail on the need for this information is beneath the form. This price is an estimate only and will also depend on your specific installer, location and more detailed site conditions.

To help identify your soil conditions refer to these images.

Thanks for your interest in AES. If you have further questions please call on 03 970 7979 or use our Live Chat.

1. Council area: rules may vary between councils.
2. The number of bedrooms is the way in which the number of people occupying any residence is calculated by the AS/NZS Standard ‘Onsite Wastewater Treatment’. Volume of water to be treated is calculated by the number of potential occupants. Most councils and the AS/NZS Standard also count any other rooms that could be used as bedrooms such as media rooms, libraries or even sun rooms.
3. The water source you have determines the volume of water each person is likely to use. If you have a bore or a reticulated supply the volume will be more than if you have supply from a rainwater storage tank.
4. Most new homes now customarily install Standard Water Reduction Fixtures which include dual flush toilets, shower flow restrictors, aerator taps and water conserving washing machines. These fittings use less water so the use per person goes down and this reduces the size of your AES treatment system.
5. What is the type of soil underground say 1 metre deep in the area where you could construct an AES treatment bed. Loam is usually dark-coloured, organic-rich soils but unlikely to be 1 metre deep, clay soils are those that stick to your shoes or boots and do not allow water to drain away quickly after rain.

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