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Aqua2Use Greywater Recycling

Filter & recycle greywater to keep your garden green, save water & money
Aqua2use Grey Water Diversion Device
Aqua2use Grey Water Diversion Device

If the AES system does not suit your requirements – perhaps you have a compost toilet or your septic tank is receiving too much influent – you may want to recycle your greywater.

Greywater is the wastewater from your washing machine, shower, bath and basins but usually does not include your kitchen.

Every time you take a shower, brush your teeth or wash clothes, a large amount of water goes down the drain and into your sewage system: water that could be keeping your grass green and flowers blooming.  A greywater recycling system will filter and clean around two-thirds of your water use ready for use in a dripper feed irrigation system.

The average Kiwi spends 7 minutes in a shower which, depending on the showerhead, can equate to between 7 and 14 litres per minute.  Washing machines can use up to 130 litres per wash.  Aqua2use greywater diverter captures, pre-filters and diverts your water so it recycles your greywater.  It not only saves water but also reduces the energy for transporting the full amount of wastewater to the sewage treatment plant.

How it works
  1. Greywater from showers, hand basins and washing machines is diverted from your drain to the Aqua2use.
  2. The Aqua2use automatically detects water flow and starts filtering particles out of the liquid.
  3. The filtered water is pumped into your garden irrigation system and delivered directly to lawns and plants as they need it.
  4. The filters are designed to be cleaned occasionally over and over so you don’t need to replace them.
Greywater filters

Environment Technology has two greywater recycling models available: the smaller system will process water for up to nine people and a larger version which is more suitable for those with ten or more people.  Both can be installed above or below ground. The main difference between the two is the flow capacity, pump head and tank structure.  The larger model is certified to Australian regulations for underground installation – the compression strength is higher.

Both systems can be used all year round or by changing the position of an attached valve, only in the dry months.

Different councils have different rules for greywater use.  Generally, the greywater needs to be disposed of sub-surface, either with drippers or into a trench. Kitchen wastewater may need some kind of pre-treatment such as a grease trap.

In addition to the cost of the unit you will need to consider other system costs:
– Installation – a drainlayer or plumber is required briefly and possibly an electrician for the pump.
– Dripper lines – we can provide the necessary dripper line and connecting pipework and fittings and it is an easy job with a grubber to make the shallow trench in which to install the pipework.

The Aqua2use greywater recycling unit is affordable, simple to install, easy to use and maintain and comes with washable and replaceable filters.   Testing in the field has shown that 60,000 litres of shower waste can pass through the unit before they need cleaning. The cleaning cycle depends on how many people are using the system but around every season should be sufficient.

Dispose of filter waste thoughtfully and wear protective gloves when cleaning.