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Design Aids

Process & Documents Required to Submit an AES System Design

All AES system designs must be submitted to Environment Technology for review and sign-off before submission to Council. By completing our checklist of information needed, you enable our technical team to complete this process as quickly as possible. The information required includes:

1. AES Design Calculator – download the calculator that relates to your system below:

2. Site plan. Examples of the minimum requirements for the site plan and also a more detailed version are available below:

3. AES system design drawings – you can use our PDFs with editable text boxes, by clicking on the button below:

4. Contact details for you as a designer and for the project owner so Environment Technology can supply a Homeowner’s manual and register them for the 20yr components warranty.

The documents below aid in understanding how to design an AES wastewater secondary treatment system. You can become AES accredited to design our systems by completing the online course.