The design and application flexibility of (AES) Advanced Enviro-Septic™ can provide a natural, low maintenance and affordable solution to your on-site sewage needs.

AES and its precursors have been in use in the US for over 20 years installed in businesses from eco-resorts to McDonalds restaurants.

Mt Washington Eco Resort:


In New Zealand, ET (Environment Technology) has been involved in the design of AES systems for a number of campgrounds Onuku Marae on Banks Peninsula, Greenwood Park in Nelson with a system installed under the car park of the holiday camp and several Department of Conservation (DoC) sites.

After purchasing the property in April 2015 Greenwood Park owner Chris White-Johnson said  it had undergone an extensive upgrade which included redoing the hot and cold water infrastructure and the sewage system.  “There are lots of different systems out there but the reason we have gone for the Advanced Enviro-septic system is that you can put it under a hard surface and utilise every bit of land you have got,” White said.  “The old sand filtration system you had to isolate a whole area and you lost a lot of available space.”

“We have gone for something state of the art that will work for a long time, it is a great concept.”

Custom wastewater & septic treatment solutions are AES’s speciality

Councils, rural communities and property developments can all benefit from the passive nature of the AES system particularly as capital, maintenance and operating costs of conventional systems increase.

Conventional Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS) can suffer major failure through bacterial die off in low load periods resulting in high maintenance costs and poor quality output.

AES’s passive biological treatment process is the most tolerant Advanced Secondary System capable of handling load variations. The large bacterial surface area (7m2 per Lm of AES pipe) and highly oxygenated biological environment, allows the bacterial load to adjust rapidly according to the volume of carbon entering the system.

AES can be used to refurbish sand filtration beds treating primary effluent with bacteria and protecting the infiltration bed against progressive failure. Or it can be used for completely new sewerage treatment plants with massive reductions in capital and operating costs over standard mechanical and chemical plants.

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