Benefits of AES

The Benefits

Now you can have a low-cost septic  treatment system that works and works for you, with durable components which last indefinitely and come with a 20 year guarantee.

The Advantages for You

  • NO Power requirements
  • NO Chemicals
  • NO Membranes
  • NO Grease Trap
  • NO Home Owner intervention required
  • NO Replacement media or additives
  • NO Quarterly servicing or maintenance
  • NO Failing Pumps, Control Boards, Aerators or Blowers
  • NO Worries

Cost Benefits

  • Light weight components install quickly and are easy to handle and transport
  • No ongoing costs (servicing, repairs, power)
  • No electronics or moving parts
  • Durable components last indefinitely and come with a 20year guarantee

The Design Advantage
AES Installations are extremely versatile offering a great number of design options.

  • 3 metre lengths of AES pipe can be bent to 90 degrees allowing a variety of bed shapes, straight and curved – easy to avoid objects and follow contours
  • AES can be installed on sloping sites
  • AES can be installed under driveways
  • Due to the Advanced Secondary treatment quality AES can reduce the overall area required
  • For areas with high groundwater AES can be installed in a mound
  • Effluent can be collected and used for irrigation

Environmental Benefits

  • AES uses an all-natural process to treat wastewater with results 10 times better than required by Aus/NZ Standard 1547 for Secondary Treatment. This minimises any risk of health issues to you and very importantly of groundwater contamination.
  • The treatment process requires no external energy input.
  • AES components are light and easy to transport; made with significant quantities of recycled plastic which gives it one of the lowest carbon footprints in the wastewater treatment industry especially when the lack of on-going servicing is considered.
  • AES utilises local installers, locally sourced septic tanks and locally sourced system sand.