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AES Components

AES Pipes

  • AES pipes are made from polyethylene with a significant percentage of recycled material.
  • They have an exterior diameter of 300mm and are 3m long (they can be cut to any length).
  • Pipes are flexible enough to bend up to 90° so can be installed on sites with small or no rectangular space, or laid horizontally around the contours of a slope.
  • The pipes are ridged and perforated with skimmer tabs on the interior to capture effluent solids.
  • They are covered with a mat of randomly-oriented plastic fibres to form an enlarged treatment environment.
  • Pipes are covered by a non-woven polypropylene fabric stitched in place.
  • Each 3m pipe section has a liquid-holding capacity of approx 219.5 litres.
  • They are lightweight and easy to handle in transport and on site.
  • The patented technology of the AES pipe system was developed in the USA where they have been manufactured for over 25 years.

Offset Adaptor

An offset adaptor is a plastic fitting which is 30cm in diameter with a hole designed to accept a 10cm inlet pipe, raised connection, or vent pipe. The hole is to be in the twelve o’clock position.

Note: The hole in the offset adaptor will accommodate schedule 20 to 40 pvc.

aes wastewater treatment system offset adaptor


A coupling is a plastic fitting used to create a connection between two pieces of AES pipe. The coupling features a snap-together locking device and ridges that are designed to fit over the ridges of the AES pipe, creating a quick and easy way to join pipe sections together securely.

aes coupling

Vent Cowl

The oxygen demand vent provides the access point for oxygen into the AES pipe system. It comes with a moulded-in mozzie proof stainless steel mesh. It is not necessary to glue the vent cowl on. This allows it to be removed should you need to check the water level in the AES system. These vent cowls can be used on both the high and low vent.

aes vent cowl