About Us

Dick LambDick Lamb, Director
Dick Lamb and Hazel Pearson are Directors Environment Technology Ltd. Dick has qualifications in geology and teaching and came to wastewater treatment as a civil contractor and a certifying drainlayer. After installing wastewater treatment systems incorporating computers, pumps and compressors and responding to alarms and fixing breakdowns he investigated other options leading to ET and becoming NZ distributors of AES Wastewater Treatment components. He brings decades of practical knowledge to wastewater treatment and installs along with current interest in research development of AES systems for further reductions in environmental effects past the already cutting edge results.

Hazel Pearson - Director Environment TechnologyHazel Pearson, Director
Hazel is a Director of Environment Technology and actively involved with AES Wastewater System Design and Installation.
She leads the AES Technical team and is a key in Marketing, Management and liaison with Councils, Designers and Installers.
The AES system aligns with her interest in solutions to environmental issues, in this case using highly effective technology for wastewater treatment.

Stan van UdenStan van Uden, Technical Officer
Stan has a Master of Applied Science in Ecology and a BSC in Environmental Science/Conservation Biology.
He brings experience in Environmental and Forestry Industries as well as practical, hands-on roles in the building industry and communication skills from Adventure Tour Guiding for National Geographic. Stan has worked for Landcare Research, Plant and Food Research, the Department of Conservation, AgResearch and Timberlands both in the field and in the lab.

Sian Jones, Office / Marketing ManagerSian Jones, Office / Marketing
In 2013 Sian Clement (now Jones) joined us and is our principal marketer/ publicist and she is responsible for the general well being of the Takaka office.



Desrae Burke - Office Manager, Environment TechnologyDesrae Burke, Manager, Environment Technology Nelson Depot
Desrae manages the Nelson office and Depot.
She multi-tasks between deliveries, despatches of orders, office management, reception and much more.



The Company
Environment Technology imports, distributes and supports AES (Advanced Enviro-Septic™) products developed in New Hampshire, USA, by Presby Environmental Inc. We provide information and advice on this quality, cost-effective option for domestic, commercial and remote on-site wastewater disposal.

Our team has a background of 30+ years in civil engineering specialising in drainage and general contracting, which in recent years has more focused on installation of on-site wastewater systems. Our search for effective wastewater treatment systems that could be designed and installed with confidence in the long-term outcome for our clients, resulted in the introduction of the AES system to New Zealand.

We provide information to septic system designers and installers, including full support for their first projects and ongoing peer review of designs.  As more designers and installers become AES Certified we facilitate connections between home and business owners and these professionals.

In 2010 we formed an associated design company, Wastewater Design Ltd, specialising in detailed site assessment and design information for building consents and property records.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

environment_technology_transportEmail: info@et.nz
Freephone: 0800 WasteH20
Phone: +64 3 9707 979
Website: www.et.nz
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