Why install an AES Advanced Enviro-septic Wastewater System?

  • Low installed cost
  • High quality treatment
  • 20 year warranty
  • No ongoing servicing
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  • Homeowners
    • A reliable, user-friendly, sustainable wastewater system is just the start of what AES can do for you.

      Designed with the environment in mind, Advanced Enviro-SepticTM (AES) gives you a wastewater treatment system that saves you money, requires no homeowner inter-action and also ensures the protection of our natural environment. more >

  • Commercial
    • The design and application flexibility of the Advanced Enviro-septic can provide a natural, low maintenance and affordable solution to your on-site wastewater needs. It suits small to large size systems.

      AES has been in use in the US for over 35 years, installed in businesses from eco-resorts to McDonalds restaurants.

      In NZ, AES systems have been installed in accommodation facilities, campgrounds, agricultural businesses, corporate entertainment venues and food processing factories. more >

  • Community
    • Advanced Enviro-SepticTM (AES) has been installed on systems ranging from 280 litres per day for toilet facilities, including DOC sites, to a 200,000 litre per day system (with 50% reuse) servicing a holiday village on the shores of Lake Sunapee, the largest fresh water lake in North East America. Its ability to handle large variations in daily loading without chemical or mechanical intervention is a perfect solution for community facilities, recreational areas, camping grounds and small towns. more >

  • Designers & Installers
    • Please contact us for a wastewater designer near you. You can check out the list of AES installers on our website.

      All our designers and installers are AES certified. If you are a designer or installer who wishes to become certified please complete our free online training course. If you require any assistance call us free on 0800 WasteH20 anytime. more >

  • AES Training & Certification
    • Anyone interested in learning more is invited to complete the Advanced Enviro-Septic™ (AES) online certification course. You can register on this website.

      Once you have logged in there are two videos to view totalling 90 minutes. When you are ready start the questionnaire and complete 80 multiple choice questions. Allow 2-3 hours in total to complete the course. You can save and exit at any time so you do not have to complete it all in one sitting. more >

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AES Brochure

AES Certified

Sign up to the AES certification course here. It provides in-depth information on designing and installing a secondary wastewater treatment system and specifically the AES system. This is available to anyone interested in understanding more, but especially designers and installers.

“I have been designing wastewater systems in Southland since 1978 and I have to say that the AES system is quite simply the best solution that I have come across in all that time. My clients love it because it is maintenance-free with no pumps or filters. The AES system provides secondary treatment to an extremely high level so it’s very kind to the environment also. The feedback I have had from Drain Layers has been positive and they find it very simple to install with very thorough manuals provided by the supplier.”
Don Moir, Ralph Moir & Associates